A Guide to Sigil - Locations

The Lady’s Ward
Wherein is told the Tale of the Riches and Corruption of the city’s High-ups

City Court
Temple of the Abyss
Fortune’s Wheel
Palace of the Jester
Dusty Wig

The Lower Ward
In which the stinking, festering Workshops and the most notorious Alehouses of the city are laid bare for the Inspection and Edification of the Public

Black Sails
The Bones of the Night
The Golden Bell
The Friendly Fiend
The Ugly Ogre Inn
Parted Veil
Parts and Pieces
The Court of Woe
Zakk’s Corpse Curing

Clerk’s Ward
A Meticulous Accounting of all that Transpires within the Ward’s Volumes – and all that is left out of its Records

Market/Guildhall Ward
In the City of Doors, great Profits are won and Fortunes lost on the scales of Commerce. Herein are the halls of the Guildmasters and the secrets of their cumin Labours revealed!

The Fat Candle
Feathernest Inn

The Hive
A Journey into the Heart of Madness, and an Introduction to those Unfortunate Souls who must Dwell in Sigil’s Darkest, Vilest Slums

Gatehouse Night Market

A Guide to Sigil - Locations

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