The Court of Woe

Located at Ragpickers Square in the Lower Ward.

It is a stately palace with white marble steps, pillars and archways. In many ways it appears to rival the City Courts themselves. However, inside it is empty with bare floors.

If a person possess a writ of transfer, they can arrive at the real court, as the main entrance archway are a portal to the actual court – a fortress on the Negative Elemental plane.

It is a mammoth hall made of calcified husks of all manner of beings – thousands of withered faces leer silently from the walls, ceiling and floor. Ninety-nine rows of splintery wooden benches run the length of the hall. Crowds of skeletons, ghosts, wights and other undead mill about. Light is provided by will o’ wisps in crystal globes suspended from the ceiling.

At the head of the hall, sitting among the ever burning bones of dracolich – in its flaming jaws sits His Most Odious Glabberslug, Judge of the Court of Woe.

He is assisted by the bailiff, a death knight named Lord Propen.

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The Court of Woe

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